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*** Incident No.53 (update) ***

The Team was stood down mid-morning yesterday from providing additional support to the flood event in Cumbria. The impact (thankfully) wasn’t as great as expected. Our water team remained on standby for flood related incidents in Northumberland throughout the remainder of the day, ready to assist Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service if required.

During this time the Team responded to two other incidents – details to follow – and we were also requested to provide assets to assist other MRTs and emergency services in York where flood defences had failed. Due to an ongoing incident in our operational area we are unable to respond at this time.

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Running Repairs

Last night the teams mechanic pixies were out repairing and maintaining the teams two Land Rovers in the comfortable surroundings of the Fire Station garage.
Even when the team members are not out training or rescuing there is still plenty to do to keep everything in readiness for the next outing.
Unfortunately the vehicles do not repair themselves and as team members are working during the day in their main jobs, some midnight oil has to be burnt!
There is so much work done behind the scenes to enable the team to turnout and perform when called for.


repairs1 repairs2

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*** Incident No.52 (cont.) ***

Yesterday afternoon our Water First Responders and Water Incident Managers were deployed by Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service. Our assistance was needed to evacuate a family of four whose farm house had been cut off by flood waters when River Tyne bursts its banks.

Having assessed the situation, the Team requested a Swiftwater Team with powered boat from Northumberland FRS as it was too dangerous to wade out to the house. A great joint effort then led to the safe evacuation of the family as river levels continued to rise.

The situation in the Tyne valley continued to deteriorate as the afternoon progressed and we only hope that river levels have reached their peak at least for a while.

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*** Incident No.52 ***

The Team’s water first responders and water & flood incident managers are currently on standby for potential flooding events across Northumberland. The Team is ready to provide assistance and additional resources to Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service. We will be continuing to monitor weather conditions and river levels over the next 24 hours.

The Team has alerted other Mountain Rescue Teams in the North East to ascertain what other resources will be available.

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*** Incident No.51 ***

At 12.30pm today the Team was requested by the North East Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a 13 year climber. The young climber was with a school group when they sustained a lower leg injury.

The Team along with North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team responded to the incident at East Woodburn crag and evacuated the casualty on a stretcher to the waiting crewed Ambulance on the nearby road.

12 Team members were involved for 1.5 hours.

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*** Incident No.50 ***

For the last 24hrs the Team’s water trained members have been on standby to respond to the predicted flood events across the North East and North Yorkshire. The Team was in a ‘state of readiness’ to respond to flood events where there was a risk to life as far south as Swaledale MRT’s area.

Throughout this period our Water Incident Managers monitored the situation in North Yorkshire as well as Northumberland and Tyne & Wear. Thankfully other than very localised flooding there was minimal risk to properties and Team members were not deployed.

A total of 16 Team members were on standby

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*** Incident No.44 ***

Having just finished providing the rescue cover for the fell race at the Alwinton Border Shepherds’ Show, the Team was called by the North East Ambulance Service for an injured walker in the Hedgehope area. A vehicle and team members were mobilised quickly, along with North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team.

One of our incident controllers spoke to the party on the hill and determined that they were most likely on Coldlaw Cairn. The casualty and two companions were located at 17.30hrs.

The casualty’s two companions were walked off the hill down the Harthope Valley by a Team member, whilst the casualty with a suspected dislocated shoulder was walked to Coomb Fell to help him warm up. From there a three hour stretcher evacuation ensued in the dark. After crossing many peat hags and crossing the river, we were able to evacuate the casualty down the path to Langleeford Hope. From here the casualty was transported in our 4×4 ambulance to the road head where he was transferred to crewed ambulance.

The incident involved 18 team members for 8 hours


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*** Incident No.42 ***

On Saturday evening the Team assisted the Scouting Association with two participants involved in Operation Twilight. One participant had suffered an asthma attack and the other participant was mildly hypothermic. Both were evacuated in the Team’s Landrover ambulances.

Operation Twilight involves groups of Scouts and Explorers navigating between two points and trying to evade capture. The groups were navigating across South East Northumberland to the finish in Ashington.

The incident involved 3 Team members for 1.5 hours.

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*** Incident No.43 ***

Earlier this afternoon the Team and North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team were requested by the North East Ambulance Service to attend an individual who had collapsed in the Yetlington area of Northumberland. Due to the conditions the helicopter was unable to fly. Consequently a vehicle, Team members and a Team Doctor were mobilised quickly.

Notwithstanding the efforts of the Paramedics and Team members, the 50 year old male died. The man was on a shoot when he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Our thoughts go out to the man’s family and friends at this difficult time.

The incident involved 14 Team members for 2 hours.