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Kielder Osprey’s Return

As we reported on our Facebook page, the Kielder Osprey’s had been spotted in and around the area. Well, today they have been spotted on the two nesting sites which are visible via a live camera link up to the Dukes Pantry. Only single Osprey’s have been sighted, a male and a female but they have visited both nesting sites so hopefully their breeding partners will be arriving soon.  Osprey’s returned to Kielder in 2009 after a 200 year absence, at first there was only one breeding pair but in 2011 another pair has since joined them.

As the Osprey’s get ready to breed and hopefully raise their young the Kielder 4×4 Safari likes to give them a bit of peace and quiet to give them the best possible chance, so the Wainhope Quarry and a few of the other tracks that we use in the area will be out of bounds until the Osprey’s leave usually around mid September. But, don’t worry Kielder Forest  is the largest man-made woodland in England so there are plenty of other tracks available to us.

The Dukes Pantry, which is our normal meeting place to check documentation and of course have breakfast normally has a live video link to the two nesting sights so hopefully you will be able to catch a glimpse of these magnificent birds.

Further information on the Kielder Osprey’s can be found on their website

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Even The International Space Station are interested in Kielder 4×4 Safari!

Whilst doing a bit of work behind the scenes on the Kielder 4×4 Safari website I happened to have a Google Analytics window open on the 2nd monitor on my computer. Google Analytics is the system we use to monitor how many people are visiting our website and what people are searching for when they visit us, this helps us make sure that the website is getting out to our target audience.

Well imagine my surprise when I noticed a new visitor on the site but their location was moving across the Indian Ocean and across Australia, so I clicked on it and this is what I saw

Click on Image for a better view
Click on Image for a better view

Were the International Space Station really interested in coming out with us to drive the trails around Kielder Forest as their next mission?

Was NASA wanting to test their new Mars Rover on the Kielder 4×4 Safari?

Excitedly, I clicked on the link to see what The International Space Station was looking at, what could be of interest to our orbiting friends?

As I was clicking on the link to see which page they were looking at it all dropped into place.

Click on Image for a better view
Click on Image for a better view

Thanks Google you had me going there, as you can see in the image the page they were looking at is ‘April Fool’s’ and there are 41 visitors on the page which I assume is the way that the USA write their dates 4/1

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Kielder 4×4 Safari February 2013 Event Report

When we arrived at Kielder Forest and Water park early on the morning of our February event we were greeted with a blanket of mist covering the reservoir and filling the valley, most of the snow had disappeared from the lower parts of the forest but was still visible on the hilltops. We also had a new meeting venue for breakfast as the Duke’s Pantry is still undergoing its renovations at the Castle. The new meeting place was The Boat Inn at Leaplish Waterside Park and the staff provided a great welcome and a very filling breakfast which was eaten overlooking the perfectly still reservoir.

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Kielder 4×4 Safari January 2013 Event Report

The first Kielder 4×4 Safari of 2013 took place yesterday in a very cold and snowy Kielder Forest in Northumberland. With the Dukes Pantry closed for refurbishment we met for breakfast and signing on at The Boe Rigg just outside Bellingham. Once everybody was fed and the briefing had taken place we headed off into the forest, with about a dozen cars in the convoy, because the Safari has access to tracks not normally available to the public we were literally creating our own tracks in the virgin snow! At times Ian in the lead car had difficulty knowing where the track was so we had to proceed with caution but luckily we made it through the morning session without incident and headed back to Kielder Castle for lunch.

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