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*** Incident No.23 ***

Tuesday 17 May, 15.21hrs

The busy period continues with a request for assistance from the North East Ambulance Service. A female in her 60s had sustained a head injury whilst cycling in the Kielder Water area.

At the time of the request Paramedics were en-route to the casualty’s location which was believed to be just off the Lakeside way, near to Silvas Capitalis (or the ‘forest head’). Given the location it was highly likely that the Ambulance would be able to access the scene.

In case assistance with the evacuation was required and given the travel time involved, North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves despatched a Land Rover and six Team member to Kielder.

Almost an hour into the incident, the Ambulance Service confirmed they had been able to access the scene and treat the casualty. The Teams were stood down.

The incident involved 7 Team members for 2 hours.


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*** Incident No.22 ***

Monday 16 May, 19.55hrs

Northumbria Police requested the assistance of North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves yesterday evening to assist in the search for a high risk 51 year old male in the Houghton-le-Spring area.

A search plan based on missing person data and other available information was agreed by our incident controllers with the Police Search Adviser, before the two Teams were called out.

Soon after our vehicles and Team members arrived at the RV, the missing person returned home. Seemingly our presence had helped to flush him out!

A good ending. Most Team members were also back home just before midnight for a few hours sleep before work today.

The incident involved 18 members for 2 hours 40 minutes.


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*** Incident No.21 ***

Saturday 14 May, 15.25hrs

Yesterday afternoon a climber fell approximately 10m on Peel Crag, landing on the boulders and uneven ground on the bottom of the crag. The climber sustained serious injuries from his fall and was treated and stabilised by a Doctor from the Great North Air Ambulance.

The Team alongside North of Tyne MRT and the North East Ambulance Service HART team assisted with the evacuation down the steep slope and across the uneven ground to the awaiting helicopter.

The climber was flown to the RVI for further treatment and we hope he makes a full and swift recovery.

A great multi-agency, team effort.

The incident involved 15 Team members for 1.5 hours.


Please share with your family and friends to help raise awareness of Northumberland National Park MRT.





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*** Incident No.20 ***

Saturday 7 May, 17.10hrs

Whilst the rest of the country bathed in glorious sunshine, much of Northumberland including the Simonside Hills was covered in thick mist. The prevailing weather conditions led to two walkers becoming disoriented and eventually lost in the Simonside Hills.

The Team alongside North of Tyne MRT were activated late afternoon by Northumbria Police to assist in the search for the two walkers. From the information received the two walkers having ‘walked over the hill’ had taken shelter in a hut next to rough track. From this information we identified the likely location of walkers as being the two huts on the track between Harwood Forest and Hepple Whitefield – along the route of the Sandstone Way and Border County Ride.

Two Team members were swiftly despatched to drive the rough track up to Whitefield Hill. The walkers were located in one of the shooting huts with the gas fire on to warm themselves up. When we pointed out to them where they had ended up, they were somewhat surprised and very grateful we’d turned up!

A Police 4×4 was used to transport the walkers back to their car at Simonside Forest car park.

All ended well and in time for Team members to enjoy their Saturday evening.

The incident involved 8 Team members for 1hr 50mins.



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*** Incident No.17 ***

Sunday 1 May, 20.31hrs

Yesterday evening North of Tyne MRT and ourselves were contacted by Northumbria Police regarding a cyclist who was lost in the Kielder area. Indications were that the cyclist was near to Riccarton.

We tried SARLOC, a text message system used to locate missing persons, whilst the Police drove some of the roads and other resources were being mobilised. Border Search & Rescue Unit and Tweed Valley MRT were made aware of the incident in case additional support was required.

Unfortunately due to the poor mobile coverage SARLOC didn’t work. After half an hour though contact was made with the cyclist again and he confirmed he was on the road near Riccarton. A Police vehicle located the cyclist and transported him back to his start point at Kielder Water. All ended well.

The incident involved 2 Team members for 1 hour.


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*** Incident No.16 ***

Wednesday 27 April, 20.26hrs

Yesterday evening Northumbria Police requested the Team’s assistance to locate a group of partially sighted walkers overdue in the Harthope valley near Wooler. A total of 19 walkers including their sighted guides were well over four hours late for their transport back to Wooler. They had set out to climb The Cheviot and return to the valley over Cairn Hill and Scotsman Knowe.

Given the wintery conditions on the hills, members from our Team and North of Tyne MRT were activated immediately. An advanced party, including two of our Incident Controllers, were on scene very quickly whilst the Team Landrovers and other members travelled to Langleeford farm.

On arrival at the farm, one of our Incident Controllers ascertained that all the walkers had managed to find their way safely off the hill. Other than being very tired from their long day, all the walkers were well.

A good outcome for all concerned. We hope they enjoyed their well deserved meal in the Red Lion!

A total of 21 Team members were involved for 1.5 hours.


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*** Incident No.15 ***

Monday 25 April, 11.12hrs

The Team was called out by Northumbria Police today to assist in the search for a 46 year old Washington man. Alongside North of Tyne MRT, members were deployed in small search groups along the Coast to Coast cycle path and into the Princess Anne Park. A water search group was also deployed along the banks of the River Wear.

The Team’s were stood down when the man was reported to have been located outside of the search areas.

A total of 18 Team members were involved 6 hrs 50 minutes.




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*** Incident No.14 ***

Thursday 4 April 2016, 13.50hrs

The Team was requested earlier today by the North East Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a female suffering a seizure near to St Cuthbert’s Cave in North Northumberland. The Ambulance Paramedics were unable to access the site by vehicle and requested our support to stretcher the casualty off the hill.

We along with North of Tyne MRT responded with one vehicle. We also requested support from the Border Search & Rescue Unit given the incident was in the northern part of our operational area.

Whilst en-route we were stood down as the Great North Air Ambulance was able to land on near to the casualty.

A total of 7 members were involved for 40 minutes.


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*** Incident No.13 ***

Tuesday 12 April, 17.40hrs

After the busy start to the year, we have had a quiet period for incidents. This ended yesterday when the North East Ambulance Service requested our assistance to recover a body from a difficult to access location in the Derwent Valley. Along with North of Tyne MRT, the Ambulance Service and Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service, we dealt with the unfortunate incident.

A total of 13 Team members were involved for 3 hours.



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*** Incident No.12 ***

Thursday 25 February, 22.40hrs

Late last night the Team was called to assist in a multi-agency response for a fisherman in his 80s who had failed to return home. Working alongside Northumbria Police, Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service, the North East Ambulance Service and our sister mountain rescue team, North of Tyne, a water and bankside search was conducted on the River Till.

Sadly the fisherman’s body was located a few 100 metres downstream of where his fishing rod was found by a Swiftwater Rescue Team.

Our thoughts go out to the gentleman’s wife, family and friends at this difficult and emotional time.

The incident involved 10 members for 3 hours.