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Incident No: 15 2019

Date: 2 March 2019
Time: 19.44hrs
Location: Harthope Valley near Wooler

Two walkers and their dog reported themselves ‘lost’ in The Cheviots whilst trying to walk back to their vehicle which was parked in the Harthope valley. They had been ‘lost’ for some time. #PhoneFind was used to try to locate the walkers and our Duty Controller rang the walkers but unfortunately by this time they’d moved location and were out of mobile reception.

North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves swiftly deployed a hasty team of four members and a Mountain Rescue search dog. A blue light response vehicle with a further two members was also mobilised.

Thankfully with relatively clear skies the walkers had managed to find their way down to a track near Langleeford Farm where they were located by Northumbria Police officers as the hasty team arrived at the RVP.

The walkers had struggled to find their way off the hill as unfortunately they had no torches. While we will always turn out for those in need, this particular incident was avoidable. Could we ask our followers, however, not to criticise the walkers as this could have happened to the most experienced of us and we hope that the walkers have learnt from their experience.

Please can we remind all walkers to go well equipped for the conditions and particularly during the winter months to carry a torch and a spare one too.

The incident involved 9 Team members for 1 hour 15 minutes. A further 9 members were on standby throughout.

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