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Incident No: 05 2017

Date: Saturday 4 February 2017
Time: 09.00hrs
Location: Arden Hall, Hawnby

Whilst over half the Team were in the Cairngorms winter training, the remaining few were requested to assist with an ongoing search in North Yorkshire. Alongside North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and other MRTs in the North East region we provided additional resources to Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team.

Sadly a body was located by one of the search groups. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the missing person.

The incident involved six members for 4 hours 30 minutes.


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*** Incident No.50 ***

For the last 24hrs the Team’s water trained members have been on standby to respond to the predicted flood events across the North East and North Yorkshire. The Team was in a ‘state of readiness’ to respond to flood events where there was a risk to life as far south as Swaledale MRT’s area.

Throughout this period our Water Incident Managers monitored the situation in North Yorkshire as well as Northumberland and Tyne & Wear. Thankfully other than very localised flooding there was minimal risk to properties and Team members were not deployed.

A total of 16 Team members were on standby