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*** Incident No.52 ***

Sunday 18 September, 15.02hrs

After a brief quiet spell, the Team’s assistance was requested for an injured mountain biker competing in the Breamish Bohemoth XC Mountain Bike Challenge. Working alongside the North of Tyne MRT, North East Ambulance Service and Northumbria Police, we responded to the incident.

The male mountain biker had sustained a head injury having fallen off his bike on the track between two remote farms, Low Bleakhope and Ewartly Shank.

A MRT Land Rover was able to access the location and additional Team members were kindly transported to the site by the shepherd at Ewartly Shank, thank you. The casualty was assessed and stabilised before being transported in the Landrover ambulance to Alnham for transfer to a crewed Ambulance. A Community Paramedic was also on hand at Ewartly Shank to provide support to the Mountain Rescue advanced casualty carers.

We hope the mountain biker makes a full and swift recovery.

The incident involved 14 Team members for 2.5 hours.


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*** Incident No.40 ***

Monday 15th August 2016, 18.02 hrs

The Team along with North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team were called by Northumbria Police to attend an incident on Hadrians Wall east of Housesteads Roman fort. A female walker had slipped and sustained head and rib injuries. Two Team members were close by and quickly arrived on scene. Following initial treatment the walker was transported in Team Land Rover to a waiting NEAS Ambulance.

The incident involved 8 team members for 75 minutes.

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*** Incident No.37 ***

Tuesday 3 August 2016, 17.00hrs
St Cuthberts Cave, Northumberland
The Team along with North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team were called by NEAS to assist a female walker who had slipped at St Cuthberts Cave and sustained a lower leg injury. Initial treatment was administered by the on scene Paramedic and the casualty was evacuated by Team Land Rover to a road Ambulance.
The incident involved 11 members for 2 hours.

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*** Incident No.34 ***

Thursday 28th July 2016, 13.13hrs

Yesterday North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves received a request from Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team for assistance. Teesdale had been searching through the night for a male in his 80s, who was missing from home in the Darlington area, and required additional resources for the ongoing search.

A Land Rover and Team members responded immediately, with others able to attend later in the afternoon. The members worked alongside the Police, Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team, mountain rescue search dogs and Teesdale & Weardale SMRT to search the priority areas.

Thankfully the man was found by one of the search groups after 4 hours of searching. He was evacuated to a crewed Ambulance for onward transfer to hospital. We hope the man is able to leave hospital very soon.

A great effort involving many resources from across the North East.

The incident involved 8 Team members (4 responding immediately) for 7 hours 45 minutes.


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*** Incident No.29 ***

Saturday 18 June 2016, 12.06hrs

The Team was activated by the North East Ambulance Service at just after midday for a female who had fallen 4 metres down a rock face at Hareshaw Linn waterfall near Bellingham. The female had sustained serious injuries in the fall, landing in the river and on rocks below the waterfall. Her family raised the alarm.

Alongside North of Tyne MRT, we responded immediately with three Landrover ambulances approaching from different directions. One of the Team members – a Paramedic with the Ambulance Service – was on scene quickly along with the Great North Ambulance Service. Soon after one of our Incident Controllers was on scene to assess the evacuation.

Whilst the NEAS Hazardous Response Team assisted the Air Ambulance crew with stabilising the casualty, we set up a technical rope rescue system to haul the stretcher from below the waterfall up to the bridge. From here we were hoping that the Coastguard helicopter from Prestwick would be able to winch the stretcher on board the aircraft. Unfortunately this was not possible due to the nature of the location and the stretcher had to be carried up a steep slope to the helimed.

A swift flight to hospital then followed. We hope the female involved makes a full and swift recovery.

A great team effort involving multiple agencies.

The incident involved 12 members for 3 hours 20 minutes.


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The scene of the incident below Hareshaw Linn
The scene of the incident below Hareshaw Linn
Preparing the stretcher and checking the casualty before raising the stretcher
Preparing the stretcher and checking the casualty before raising the stretcher.
Sorting out the ropes at the top of the waterfall.
Sorting out the ropes at the top of the waterfall.
Checking on the casualty after the raise.
Checking on the casualty after the raise.


The carry up to the helimed
The carry up to the helimed
Nearly out of the trees!
Nearly out of the trees!
Almost to the helimed
Almost to the helimed
Final checks before loading the casualty into the helimed
Final checks before loading the casualty into the helimed
All the emergency services, all lined up!
All the emergency services, all lined up!
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*** Incident No.23 ***

Tuesday 17 May, 15.21hrs

The busy period continues with a request for assistance from the North East Ambulance Service. A female in her 60s had sustained a head injury whilst cycling in the Kielder Water area.

At the time of the request Paramedics were en-route to the casualty’s location which was believed to be just off the Lakeside way, near to Silvas Capitalis (or the ‘forest head’). Given the location it was highly likely that the Ambulance would be able to access the scene.

In case assistance with the evacuation was required and given the travel time involved, North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and ourselves despatched a Land Rover and six Team member to Kielder.

Almost an hour into the incident, the Ambulance Service confirmed they had been able to access the scene and treat the casualty. The Teams were stood down.

The incident involved 7 Team members for 2 hours.


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*** Incident No.20 ***

Saturday 7 May, 17.10hrs

Whilst the rest of the country bathed in glorious sunshine, much of Northumberland including the Simonside Hills was covered in thick mist. The prevailing weather conditions led to two walkers becoming disoriented and eventually lost in the Simonside Hills.

The Team alongside North of Tyne MRT were activated late afternoon by Northumbria Police to assist in the search for the two walkers. From the information received the two walkers having ‘walked over the hill’ had taken shelter in a hut next to rough track. From this information we identified the likely location of walkers as being the two huts on the track between Harwood Forest and Hepple Whitefield – along the route of the Sandstone Way and Border County Ride.

Two Team members were swiftly despatched to drive the rough track up to Whitefield Hill. The walkers were located in one of the shooting huts with the gas fire on to warm themselves up. When we pointed out to them where they had ended up, they were somewhat surprised and very grateful we’d turned up!

A Police 4×4 was used to transport the walkers back to their car at Simonside Forest car park.

All ended well and in time for Team members to enjoy their Saturday evening.

The incident involved 8 Team members for 1hr 50mins.



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*** Incident No.18 ***

Monday 2 May, 09.00hrs onwards

Following the incident at Kielder last Sunday, the next day the Team was providing rescue cover for the Shepherds Walks Coastal Challenge. A long day was interspersed with treating three walkers for a variety of ailments and injuries. Two of the walkers had to be evacuated in one of the Team’s Land Rover ambulances as they were unable to continue with the event.

Well done to everyone who completed the Coastal Challenge and in doing so helped raise funds for the Team.

A total of 8 members were involved for 10hrs.


incident 18 2016

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Fundraising for Hi-Vis Rucksack Covers

With only a few months to go in our 50th year we are well on our way to reaching our £50k fundraising target. To date you have helped raised just over £41k. These funds are being put to use… they are helping us to convert a trailer into a mobile control unit and store for our water kit, and to replace the laptops used by our controllers.

We are now seeking to raise funds to equip each of our 40 Team members with a high visibility rucksack cover. These are essential when working in more urban environments and at night to ensure our members are easily seen.

Each cover costs £20 and remember every little helps. DONATE HERE!

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35th Cheviots Challenge



Fancy joining us for the 35th Cheviots Challenge? Sign-up on Facebook and let your friends know you’re coming.

You can enter the event online via

This event is designed as a personal challenge that is accessible to all. We’ll be in strategic places along the routes, to provide encouragement and light refreshments, and so that if it becomes ‘too much of a challenge’, a Land Rover back to the village is possible. It’s a great opportunity to get high into the hills of the Northumberland National Park, have a great time with friends, and possibly make some new friends along the way.

There is a choice of two routes:
– Terry Lynn long route is about 23 miles and over 4000 feet of climbing
– Eileen Lynn short route is about 18 miles and over 3000 feet of climbing