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*** Incident No.30 ***

Sunday 19 June 2016, 14.11hrs

Another request from the North East Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of casualty near to Chatton. The casualty – a walker – who had been out with a group sustained a lower leg injury and was unable to continue.

A crewed Ambulance was unable to get to the location of the casualty as they were 500 metres from the road near Black Heddon, which is just to the North West of Kyloe Crag.

As Team vehicles and members were being tasked, Ambulance Control informed North of Tyne MRT and ourselves that a local farmer had offered the use of his quad bike. The casualty was transported the short distance to the road (and the ambulance) by quad bike.

After yesterday’s incident we were glad not to have to respond. Aren’t quad bikes great!

The incident involved 10 members for 17 minutes.